Root Treatments

tree root care

Probably the most overlooked aspect of tree care involves the underground part of the landscape. Healthy trees require healthy soil. Soil compaction, caused by lawn maintenance, vehicles, foot traffic and animals, reduces water and oxygen and restricts root growth.

Compaction along with poor soil composition and drainage play a major role in tree health. Poor root structure and girdling roots are another common cause of  tree failure. We can provide soil testing and evaluation to determine the best treatment and may be able to resolve root problems before it’s too late.

Improving Aeration

If soil aeration can be improved, root growth and water uptake can be enhanced. Aeration of the root zone may improve root health, and water and mineral uptake. This process can be beneficial, or it may be combined with the application of soil additives and a top dressing with organic mulch.


  • Liquid Application Of Slow Release Organic Minerals With Beneficial Bacterial And Fungal Spores
  • Root Zone Aeration – Loosens Compacted Soil Using The Air Spade
  • Trunk Flare Excavation – Inspection For Girdling Roots And Decay In The Trunk Flare Area And/Or Root System, Also Using The Air Spade
  • Mulch Application – Composted Wood Chips -To Improve The Soil Biology & Diversity

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