Landscape Services

  • Plant Procurement & Installation
  • Transplanting Of Existing Trees Or Shrubs
  • Design

At Pete Hoag & Co. Inc., we can select and install trees and shrubs that will add character, depth, and curb appeal to your landscape. We have a vast level of experience planting and maintaining many different species of trees, plants, and shrubs of all sizes in New Hampshire and western Maine.
Our employees have a well-rounded understanding of the implementation and maintenance of successful landscapes.

Space & Plant Evaluations

Before installation, we will evaluate your space. We will consider the light and water requirements of your trees and shrubs, along with soil conditions, available space and plant growth rates. We can assist you in selecting the most appropriate plant species that will complement your property.

Plant Installations

When your plants arrive, they will be installed in an optimal soil blend according to their specific needs. Great care will be taken to ensure that they quickly take to their new location and be less susceptible to disease. We will not put a tree or shrub in a place where it will outgrow its space or suffer from too much sun or shade.


We will work with you to help you plan the vision for your property, from the planning stage to final installation. Our tree care and landscape company has built a reputation for developing vibrant, healthy, functional landscapes that welcome visitors using a wide variety textures and colors. Your landscape will also increase your property’s value. We are more than happy to return annually to inspect and prune your trees and shrubs and make further recommendations for your landscape.

Birch Tree Transplant Example

preparing a birch tree for transplant

transplanting a birch tree

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