Developing a Green Approach

tree care aerial lift

We started our company over 40 years ago with the underlining mission to preserve and protect our greatest living assets: Our trees and Natural Areas.

One of the greatest things I learned over the last 40 years is how efficient trees and natural areas are. Its a great system that never uses more energy than it needs, never wastes any energy and can adjust its needs depending on the environmental constraints being placed on it.

As technology continues to grow we are now in the position to transition from petrol fuel to electric.

In 2016 we put into service our 82′ Ommee aerial lift which is a duel fuel system, diesel and electric. We are able to operate the lift for over 4 hours just on batteries!

In addition, we have added a small battery operated limbing saw. Between both of these pieces of equipment the decibel level has dropped dramatically which is great for the homeower, neighbors, our crew and the environment!

Battery operated limbing saw